Empire Rye

Introducing Empire Rye

New York Distilling Company will be hosting a Wild Rye Rumpus Event on Saturday, October 21 2017 that will be the world premiere of the exciting new Empire Rye designation of rye whiskey.

In 2015, six leading New York State distilleries banded together to create a consortium dedicated to establishing a whiskey style for the Empire State. This whiskey was to be as distinctive, precisely crafted and held to as high a standard as any of the illustrious whiskey styles in the world.

And so, Empire Rye was born–an homage to New York State’s pre-Prohibition rye whiskey-making heritage and a testament to the ingenuity and industriousness of its contemporary distillers. Each distiller’s bottling of Empire Rye is crafted in accordance with the same exacting specifications and yet each is given ample space to express their creativity. In time, the hope is that more New York distillers will choose to produce a rye whiskey in accordance with these standards and make the category of Empire Rye known throughout the world.

Please join us on October 21, as the founders and early adopters of Empire Rye unveil their individual expressions to the public.

·       Black Button Distilling (Albany)

·       Coppersea Distilling (New Paltz)

·       Finger Lakes Distilling (Seneca Lake)

·       Kings County Distilling (Brooklyn)

·       New York Distilling (Brooklyn)

·       Tuthilltown Distilling (Gardiner)

·       Van Brunt Stillhouse (Brooklyn)

·       Yankee Distillers (Saratoga County)

Some bottles will be offered for sale in limited quantities.  More details coming soon!

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