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Rye Week 2022

Rye is an ancient grain that has a vital place in New York’s agricultural and culinary history beginning with its cultivation in the both the Dutch and English colonial eras. It thrived as a robust and versatile crop for flour, beer, and of course, whiskey.

Hardy enough to survive cold winters, rye proved both reliable and prolific in the ideal climate and varied soil composition of New York State and returned essential nutrients when planted on fallow fields.

In recent decades, its popularity waxed and waned like amber fields of grain. New York farmers still grew rye as a winter cover crop but it lacked a strong commercial market and would typically be plowed under rather than harvested.

With the dawn of the 21st century and, ultimately, a global cocktail renaissance, rye whiskey’s once proud prominence came to the fore again as a resolute American spirit, New York as its epicenter for rediscovery.

As consumer tastes shift once again, now toward whiskies of full flavor and characterful, rye is enjoying a great resurgence. Rye whiskey, America’s original whiskey, has enjoyed a surging popularity in classic cocktails like The Manhattan, Old-Fashioned, and on its own. From grain to glass there is no greater time to explore and enjoy the variety and flavor of rye from New York. Cheers!